Phase Adaptive Power Module

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The DIN Power Module (DPM) family is a group of modular products for the control of lighting loads. This document describes the following product:
LQSE-4A-120-D: 4-Zone DIN Power Module for Dimming lighting loads

• Phase Adaptive Power Modules can be used in a HomeWorks QS system.
• Includes QS link for seamless integration of lights and controls.
• An auto-detect mode is available to detect and configure leading-edge or trailing-edge dimming for incandescent / halogen, electronic / magnetic lowvoltage and neon / cold cathode light sources.
• Controls dimmable CFL / LED loads. Refer towww.lutron.com/ledtool or App Note #478 (048478) for compatibility with dimmable CFL / LED light sources.
• SSL7 compliant for compatibility with solid state lighting.
• RTISS Equipped technology compensates for incoming line-voltage variations (up to ± 2% change in frequency /second) such as changes in Root Mean Square (RMS) voltage, frequency shifts, harmonics and line noise.
• RTISS-TE operates on the trailing edge of the AC sine wave. This allows for true instantaneous voltage compensation.
• Provides air gap off (when all zones are off).
• Integral protection for common temporary over-current and over-voltage conditions.
• LEDs on the module provide diagnostic information.
• Buttons on the module provide override control.
• Manual Override contact closure input (CCI).
• Power failure memory automatically returns the outputs to the levels they were set to prior to a power outage.

• 120 V~ 50/60 Hz
• 10 A maximum total input current
• Lightning strike protection meets ANSI/IEEE standard 62.31-1980. Can withstand voltage surges of up to 6000 V and current surges of up to 3000 A.
• Contact Lutron for ungrounded delta feed applications.

Regulatory Approvals
• Lutron Quality Systems registered to ISO 9001.2015
• cULusR Listed
• NOM Certified
• SSL7A-2015