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    Wherever you go, wherever public facility you visit-a good, reliable sound system is mandatory. With over 10 years of experience, AMC BALTIC provides the best possible solutions and redefines the benchmark for affordable commercial sound equipment. Specializing in Public Address and other commercial sound applications, AMC line of products covers the needs of even the most demanding of contractors. From simple ceiling loudspeakers to EN54 certified speakers, from mixing amplifiers to high technology audio devices

    AMC WARRANTY - 1 year from date of purchase from Avation

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    Since 2003, Artison has set the standard in innovative solutions for today’s lifestyle integrated home entertainment systems. The company’s elegant home audio solutions are a favorite among music and movie lovers, not to mention the custom integration specialists who install their equipment. Thanks to the development of unique technological advancements and careful attention to the delicate balance of audio performance and integrated aesthetics.
    Artison has won numerous awards and been featured and reviewed by some of the world’s most respected and critical audio reviewers.

    ARTISON WARRANTY - 1 year from date of purchase from Avation

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    AVgear designs Cutting Edge Technology designed to distribute the latest 2K and 4K Video and Audio standards. With the largest range and equipment options AVGear allows you to scale your system to meet exactly the design brief and budget. We have a large team of over 30 engineers and 180 staff in our manufacturing facility ensuring that you get the best possible product with exceptional quality from a team that has an infinite amount of experience and engineering skill.

    AV GEAR WARRANTY - 2 years from date of purchase from Avation

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    This cost-effective and easy to deploy system is used to schedule any room on the network from a BookIT touch panel located outside a meeting room, your mobile device or computer. The sleek design fits into any décor and the intuitive interface requires little to no user training. BookIT is directly integrated with MS Exchange™, Office 365™ and G Suite™ (formerly Google Apps for Work), so no additional server is needed. BookIT is simple to implement, is cost effective and creates a more efficient meeting space.

    BOOKIT WARRANTY - 2 years from date of purchase from Avation

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    Celerity Fiber Optic cables are slim, easy to install and support UHD up to 1000 feet and up to 4K@60Hz resolution. Our technology application over fiber optics makes this possible and provides for a higher performance connection than copper cables. There is no loss of signal over long distance and no EMI interference which makes Celerity the best choice for point-to point and distributed ultra high definition video connections. All Celerity Fiber Optic cables are plenum rated. the best quality ultra-high definition AV and control signal connections.

    CELERITY WARRANTY - 1 year from date of purchase from Avation

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    The leaders in the world of digital cinema audio processors. For nearly 20 years, we've pioneered the development of digital audio for the cinema industry. Delivering high quality, immersive digital surround sound to theaters worldwide. Today, we're bringing the same innovative, professional digital audio processing technology into home cinema. Datasat Digital Entertainment is built upon a common core, the Datasat platform. It's a set of features and technologies that deliver the highest quality and most precise reproduction of digital and analog sound.

    WARRANTY - 2 Years from date of purchase from Avation

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  • Design Q unparalleled sound

    DesignQ is committed to the refinement of the art of acoustics through ongoing research and development. Our goal is always to create audio products that deliver an unequaled sound experience for an exceptional value. Our product lines are designed completely from the ground up and are based on proprietary technology and custom manufacturing processes developed exclusively by DesignQ’s legendary team of engineers. Speakers offer an endless array of astonishing capabilities. They live and breathe with the heart and soul of our exclusive technologies.

    Design Q WARRANTY - Lifetime limited from date of purchase from Avation

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    DVDO, Inc. delivers award-winning video connectivity solutions for professional installers and end users. DVDO’s video switchers, wireless adapters and video processors feature advanced technologies to provide professional-quality video from multiple sources across a wide range of displays.
    The New DVDO TILE unleashes universal casting to enable multiple users to simultaneously stream any content from almost any wireless device to one or two displays. Up to 5 different tiled windows can be displayed simultaneously

    DVDO WARRANTY - 1 year from date of purchase from Avation

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    Safer and better performing cable that's easier to pull. ICE have reimagined every aspect of cable to save you time, increase performance and improve safety. You'll experience smoother, hassle-free installations backed by a company that's focused on doing it the right way, and ICE do it without compromising the cable. The result is more than just cable. It's the future of cable. The best part about ICE is being able to get premium cable for the same money as the “brown box” Give Your Equipment the Performance It’s Looking for, There’s no cutting corners.

    ICE WARRANTY - 1 year from date of purchase from Avation

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    iRoom offers high-end and intelligent docking solutions for Apple’s iPad™ and iPad mini™.
    Our docking solutions transform your Apple tablet into a stylish touch panel for lighting, audio and security control. Thanks to an integrated locking function, the iPad™ can be nicely integrated in conference rooms, hotel rooms or at trade shows. Unique features like motorized opening and closing, a motorized dock connector or the docking status message make iRoom’s iDock to a perfect solution for almost any application.

    IROOM WARRANTY - 2 years from date of purchase from Avation

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    The award-winning HDMI over IP platform from Just Add Power is a scalable, Ethernet based video distribution system designed for any size of project. Send 4K, UltraHD, Full HD 1080p and lower resolution content from any number of source devices to virtually unlimited number of screens over a local area network with Just Add Power. Control Drivers for: Crestron, RTi, AMX, Control 4 3rd Party Control Drivers for: Simple Control, ELAN, Savant, On Controls, URC. At Just Add Power our design and manufacturing philosophy is evolutionary, not revolutionary

    JUST ADD POWER WARRANTY - 2G models 2 years/3G models 3 years from date of purchase from Avation

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    Lutron innovations have resulted in numerous patents worldwide. In addition to the solid-state dimmer, Lutron innovations also include the first electronic dimming ballast for fluorescent lights and the first self-contained pre-set lighting control system.
    Lutron was also the first to successfully mass-market the dimmer, the first to successfully market systems of linked dimmers, and is still the only company to create systems of dimmers and motorized window shades that control both electric light and daylight.

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    Luxul is the leading innovator of simple-to-deploy professional grade IP networking solutions, used by custom installation professionals. Designed for residential and commercial environments, the Luxul family offers a complete line of solutions that simplify network design resulting in a scalable network that is powerful and easy to install. With Luxul, installers can deliver the ultimate IP network without the complexity associated with traditional networking. Luxul equipment is available only through authorized distributors

    LUXUL WARRANTY - 3 years from date of purchase from Avation

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    NEAR® has been perfecting premium outdoor speakers for over 28 years. Superior materials and technologies ensure consistent high performance and reliability even under the most extreme conditions. Near speakers’ sound quality rivals that of the finest indoor audiophile grade audio systems. NEAR offer a wide variety of bracket-mount, on-ground and in-ground loudspeakers and subwoofers, along with a purpose designed power amplifier.

    NEAR WARRANTY - 12 years from date of purchase from Avation

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    Optimal Speaker Design is engaged in the design, engineering, and distribution of high-quality home and commercial audio products. Our products range in complexity from simple in-ceiling speakers to whole house audio systems—all with beautiful styling and high-end sound quality.
    Our U.S.-based research, development and design team, is supported by a network of cutting-edge acoustical, mechanical and electrical engineers. Together, we create products that combine the latest technology with ease of use for a quality sound experience.

    OSD WARRANTY - Check specific items

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    Pioneer’s AV receivers are able to play back high definition audio and visual content for your home cinema. With built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay and Chromecast built-in the new Pioneer AV-Receivers, Never before has the networking of classic home entertainment with home networks and mobile devices been so simple and ingenious. fill any room with rich sound, with Pioneer's extensive range, Experience your favourite films like never before

    PIONEER WARRANTY - 1 year from date of purchase from Avation

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    Over the years, Russound developed a wider range of products for the custom installation market and increasingly became known for quality, reliability and service. That vision continues on today, as exciting new technologies are being implemented to create modern solutions for their customers’ needs. Russound delivers a complete range of multiroom audio systems, source equipment, amplifiers, loudspeakers. They believe their products are the finest of their kind on the market and remain dedicated as ever to providing the right products for the job.

    RUSSOUND WARRANTY - 1 year from date of purchase from Avation

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    At SANUS, we set the standard for mount technology. Using innovative design and outstanding safety features, our mounts allow you to find the perfect position for all of your AV needs. Whether you have just a few pieces of AV equipment to organize, or want to fully customize your entire AV center, SANUS AV racks provide the options and versatility to fit your needs. Keep your equipment in a safe location for a more streamlined look to your AV center.

    SANUS WARRANTY - 5 yearS from date of purchase from Avation

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    Savant was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing the best experience in home automation. To us, that means products that are inventive, easy to use, and future-friendly, so our customers will be able to enjoy them for years. As the first home automation company to embrace mobile technology, we understood early that the customer experience could extend beyond the home and open up new possibilities for control. We've become the home automation brand of choice for the world's most luxurious homes, castles, and even yachts.

    SAVANT WARRANTY - 2 years from date of purchase from Avation

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    SIM2 has been designing and manufacturing innovative video products for over two decades with award-winning displays and technologies like the SIM2xTV line, Real HDR - SIM2 Dual System, and Pure LED used in some of the company’s world-class projectors. SIM2 has always taken great pride in giving its customers the best possible experience by choosing only the highest-quality materials for all their products. SIM2 is a proven leader in the CI industry for developing innovative products.

    SIM2 WARRANTY – 2 Years from date of purchase from Avation

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    SpeakerCraft provides and entire range of speakers, amplifiers, multiroom and integrated audio distribution solutions. Boasting a Cinema range, Contractor, Custom Installation, Outdoor and Amplifier range, SpeakerCraft services all markets with products designed for the exact needs of any project. Owners of SpeakerCraft enjoy a Lifetime warranty on all SpeakerCraft speakers making them attractive to project designers, architects, custom installers and specifiers. If you love music and sound as much as we do, then you know that not all in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are created equal. SpeakerCraft enriches your audio and lifestyle

    SPEAKERCRAFT WARRANTY - Lifetime warranty on Speakers, 2 years on electronics from date of purchase from Avation

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    The Vivid Audio team represents 4 decades of experience delivering products featuring more than just innovative engineering and bespoke parts. Their goal is to produce the world's pre-eminent High-end loudspeaker systems. The presence of resonances or reflections in a loudspeaker are what determines the 'sonic signature' of that loudspeaker and for Vivid Audio the ultimate goal is to help the clarity of hearing by reducing these effects to a negligible level. Almost every part of each Vivid Audio model is unique and not to be found in any other loudspeaker. No element is taken for granted; innovation and new methods of analysis are used to extract the highest levels of performance from every component.

    Vivid Warranty - 5 Years parts and labor from date of purchase from Avation

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    The best movie watching experience ever. Zappiti designs and manufactures only professional grade Video Management Systems; delivering the highest quality, outstanding performance, and best possible user experience. All of the Zappiti products are designed to provide our end-user customers with convenient and intuitive access to their entire movie library collection, in stunning 4K, High Definition resolution. The award winning Zappiti devices are being successfully used to improve the movie watching experience, in residential and commercial environments all over the globe. The Zappiti One 4K HDR sets an entirely new standard for home entertainment.

    ZAPPITI WARRANTY - 1 year from date of purchase from Avation

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    Zektor is proud to design, manufacture and support our products in the USA. Zektor believe that you can still offer a premium quality product at a competitive price without having to go China. We all know that there are many choices when it comes to A/V switching and distribution products. When you select a Zektor product, you can count on long term reliability and signal quality every time you use your entertainment system. The goal is to be the favorite product in your system that you never have to think about. At the request of our dealers and integrators, Zektor is now in the major controller libraries of AMX, Control4, Crestron, HAI, RTI, Savant and Universal Remote.

    ZEKTOR WARRANTY - 2 years against defects in materials from date of purchase from Avation

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    Zigen offers a range of HDMI and HDBT products that are first in class. Reliability is key when using Zigen and after many years of field testing there is simply no way comparison. Creating Award winning HDMI extenders and Matrix Solutions, Zigen has quickly been recognized by A/V professionals as the solution to fill the void. Zigen products are designed for the demanding professionals that are seeking robust and reliable performance. These products are not for just anyone, these products are designed for you! Zigen like to put you in the driver’s seat and allow you to take control of your HDMI content, you have full control over your system and can dictate as to how your system performs.

    ZIGEN WARRANTY - 3 years from date of purchase from Avation

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