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The HomeWorksR QS processor provides control and communication to HomeWorksR QS system components. The Ethernet link allows communication to the HomeWorksR QS software, integration with third-party systems and communication between multiple processors. HomeWorksR QS processors may be connected using either standard networking or using ad-hoc networking. All processors on a project must be connected to a single network. The HomeWorksR QS software and all integration equipment must be connected to the same network as the processors.
The processor is powered from the QSPS-DH-1-75 power supply. Refer to the HomeWorksR QS
software to determine link power requirements. The HomeWorksR QS processor can be installed in an HQ-LV21, L-LV21, L-LV14, PNL-8 enclosure or DIN panels with control compartments (PDx-36 or PDx-64).

Processor Capabilities
Each HomeWorksR QS 1-Link processor has one
link that can be configured as one of four types:
• HomeWorksR QS Power Panels 16 interfaces / 256 zones
• HomeWorksR QS Wired Device Link 99 devices / 512 zones
• HomeWorksR QS RF Link 99 devices / 100 zones
• HomeWorksR H48 Wired Dimmers 4 interfaces / 192 zones

Power Processor (P): 24–36 V- 250 mA maximum
Typical Power Consumption; 5 W; 8 Power Draw Units (PDUs)
Test conditions: Ethernet link connected, and device link in use
Regulatory Approvals Complies with: UL508, CSA – C22.2 No.14, IEC / EN 60669, NOM
Environment; Indoor use only. 32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C), 0% to 90% humidity, non-condensing
Heat Generated; 17 BTU/hr — typical (24 BTU/hr maximum)
Cooling Method; Passive Cooling
Power Failure Memory; System data stored in non-volatile memory. Timeclock retention for 10 years
Internal Timeclock; ±1 minute per year
Miswire Protection; All terminal block inputs are over-voltage and miswire protected against wire reversals and shorts.
Low-Voltage Link Wire Type; Two pair — one pair 18 AWG (0.75 mm2), one pair 18 to 22 AWG
(0.34 to 0.75 mm2) twisted shielded — IEC PELV / NECR Class 2 cable
Low-Voltage Power Wire Type; 18 AWG (0.75 mm2)
Communications; Ethernet, RS485 (QS, RF, Power Panel)
Link Capacities; HomeWorksR QS Power Panel Link 16 interfaces/256 zones
HomeWorksR QS Wired Device Link 99 devices/512 zones
HomeWorksR QS RF Link 99 devices/100 zones
HomeWorksR H48 Wired Dimmers 4 interfaces/192 zones
ESD Protection;  Meets or exceeds the IEC 61000-4-2 standard
Surge Protection; Meets or exceeds ANSI/IEEE C62.41 standard
Mounting; Mounts in HQ-LV21, L-LV14, L-LV21, PNL-8 enclosure or DIN Panels with Control Compartment (PDx-36 or PDx-64)
Dimensions; With terminal blocks (as shown): 4.27 in (108 mm) x 5.63 in (143 mm)
Without terminal blocks: 4.27 in (108 mm) x 5.26 in (134 mm)
Connections; One 5-pin removable terminal block* for Link 1. One RJ45 standard Ethernet connection. *Each terminal will accept up to two 18 AWG (0.75 mm2) wires.