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CoolMaster RS232, RS485 IP Interface Max 32 indoors


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The CoolMaster product line allows home automation specialists, building automation integrators, facilities managers and HVAC professionals the ability to integrate, control, monitor, service and manage any VRF or VRV HVAC system through a single device. The devices are plug-and-play and do not require prior technical HVAC knowledge. Simply unbox, ensure it is configured to the right HVAC brand using the built-in display, connect as indicated, and… that’s it…

The product line includes 2 type of devices: CoolMaster fits most residential and small-medium commercial settings where the number of indoor units is limited, whereas CoolMasterPro addresses the needs of the mid-to-large commercial market, and comes with comprehensive integration capabilities for very large VRF/VRV installations or sites with numerous indoor or sensor units and more advanced building monitoring, management, service or control requirements.

NOTE: CoolMaster and CoolMasterPro are replacing the CoolMasterNet product with its current licensing model.


VRF and VRV systems design is a closed and proprietary communication loop between the condensers and evaporators. These communication loops vary from one manufacturer brand to another. Traditionally, controlling and integrating these VRF HVAC systems controls, requires the mediation of a brand-specific interface device, as each manufacturer utilizes its own unique communication protocol.

With CooMaster, you don’t need a sperate mediation device for each brand, or to implement a different logic of integration with each of them separately. CoolMaster connects with all brands and provide a universal unified interface for integrating control and monitoring capabilities to your preferred Home Automation or Building Management System.

CoolMaster enables a bi-directional universal communication channel between the VRF HVAC and the automation systems, that enables Automation integrators and HVAC Professionals to:

  • Natively integrate Home and Building Automation Systems with VRF HVAC
  • Connect with the CoolAutomation’s application suite which includes capabilities for Facilities Management, Monitoring, Servicing, and Control of the VRF systems.
  • Connect VRF HVAC systems leading Smart Home Devices , such as Google Home, and Amazon Alexa voice assistant, iot devices and smart thermostats.


  • Interfaces include RS232, RS485, Ethernet, and KNX, for flexible connection with all major Home Automation brands
  • Communication protocols include MODBUS RTU, MODBUS IP, BACNET MSTP, BACNET IP, ASCII and REST API
  • Automatic driver detection and connection with all Home Automation systems
  • Touch screen display for local & simple device configuration , including centralized control of the VRF HVAC system
  • Connect multiple lines and brands on single device, for sites with physically separated systems
  • Configurable I/O’s