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CoolMaster Home RS232, RS485 IP Interface Max 6 indoors


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Universal connectivity and integration device, specifically designed for controlling and managing Mini VRF systems in residential buildings. CoolMaster Home is the perfect choice for VRF integration, specifically tailored for small-sized deployments of VRF systems with up to 6 indoor units. It allows automation integrators, the ability to control, monitor, service, and manage mini VRF systems, by enabling a bi-directional universal communication channel between the VRF HVAC and the automation systems. Coolmaster Home is a Plug & Play device – simply unbox it and connect it to your VRF system.


  • Universal interface with all major VRF HVAC brands
  • Native out-of-the-box integration with all Home Automation Systems
  • Enables access to CoolAutomation Professional Application suites (additional license)
  • Intuitive Mobile Applications for remote Control of the VRF indoor units
  • Native integration with leading cloud services, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Smart Thermostats and many more

Key Features

  • Interfaces include RS232, RS485, Ethernet, for flexible connection with all major Home Automation brands
  • Automatic driver detection, and connection to all Home Automation systems
  • Connect VRF systems with up to 6 indoor units
  • Touch screen display for local & simple device configuration, including centralized control of the VRF HVAC system