10.2M Detachable DP connector cable and bi-directional fiber optic cable.


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Celerity Technologies Universal Fiber Optic

Celerity Fiber Optic cables are slim, easy to install, support HDMI 2.0, and DisplayPort 1.4. Our technology application over fiber optics makes this possible and provides for a higher performance connection than copper cables. There is no loss of signal over long distance and no EMI interference which makes Celerity the best choice for point-to-point and distributed ultra high definition video connections.

Celerity Fiber Optic cables feature a detachable connector allowing the fiber optic plug on each end of the fiber optic cable to be very small and easy to prewire through conduit and other concealed spaces.

All Celerity Fiber Optic cables are plenum rated with a bend radius of 5mm for durability and flexibility and available in finished lengths from 35′ to 1000′ and custom special-order 50′ increments between 200′ and 1000

Universal Fiber Optic DisplayPort

Celerity Universal Fiber Optic (UFO) supports DisplayPort 1.4 connections up to 1000 feet and offer the vey best possible picture quality. Celerity fiber optic cable shows full brightness highlights, and the wide range of colors as originally intended by the video engineers during mastering. Celerity fiber optic cable shows all the details of the video content being played. Celerity Fiber Optic cables offer isolation from EMI and are plenum rated and for reference level video application projects.

Two Steps, No Tools

Celerity UFO is installed with a simple two-step process “Pre-Wire and Connect.” This is made possible by Celerity’s innovation with fiber optics so that fiber terminations, testing and tools are no longer necessary. This ensures reliability and efficient project deployment.

Bi-Directional Cable

The Celerity UFO cable may be installed from any location between a source and display without the burden of ensuring the cable is in the correct direction. Celerity UFO is designed that each end of the UFO fiber cable acts as a precision optical pathway. Once the Celerity UFO cable has been installed the UFO cable is ready for source and display connections.

  • Data rate 21.6 Gbps
  • Resolution up to 8Kx4Kk with use of 4:2:0 or VESA Display Stream Compression
  • Supported features
    • DisplayPort 1.4
    • HDCP v2.2
    • HDR
    • BT.2020

  • LED status indicator at T & R HDMI connectors, powered LED verifies connectivity
  • Power T: 0.5W R: 0.5W; 5V DC
  • Temperature / Humidity -04ºF – 158ºF (-20ºC – 70ºC) / 0% – 90% RH
  • Fiber optic cable pull strength – 60 pounds