This is part of our solution series of control accessories. You can easily switch between two source components when you’ve run out of inputs or you require a 2nd input on an amplifier.

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The LL-One is an audio line-level stereo A/B switcher. It allows one line level stereo output to be switched automatically between two line level stereo inputs, replacing manually operated A/B switches. Exclusive microprocessor controlled system ensures precision timing and switching accuracy. Status LEDs indicate which amplifier is active and a status output jack permits triggering of local devices.


  • Low Ohm Relay Contacts Provide Lossless, Distortion-free Switching
  • Octal Switch Provides Precision Delays From 0.5 Seconds to 5 Minutes to Handle Virtually Any Music Energy Interval Without False Switching
  • Sense Level Permits Adjustment to Accommodate a Wide Range of Music Level Conditions for Best Switching Threshold
  • B Status 3.5mm Output Jack Provides 12V Trigger to Local Devices (Lighting, Shades, etc.) Where Desired
    PS-1.0 Power Supply Required (Not Included)

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 13 cm


Delay Range, uPC Controlled 0.5 Sec. to 10 Min.

Sensitivity Range 10mV to 100mV

Relay Contact Rating 2 A @ 30V

B Status Output Voltage 12V DC @ 10 mA

9V DC @ 100 mA Max

Power Requirements 12V DC @ 75 mA

Power Jack 2.1mm, center pole positive